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Aspen Community Charter School

Since 1970 the Aspen Community School has been committed to offering academic excellence in a safe small-school environment. Learning in small classes, and among children of mixed ages, encourages rapport and respect among students and teachers alike. The climate of openness allows curiosity to thrive, and individuality to shine.

Learning is personal and vital. Academic education becomes relevant through an integrated curriculum and hands-on projects. Teacher led instruction is balanced with abundant opportunities for children to initiate and complete their own processes of discovery. Our emphasis on the arts and wellness nurtures the whole child during these formative early years.

Our curriculum incorporates community participation, social emotional instruction, service, outdoor education and visual and performing arts. Achievements in the classroom and outdoors are internalized through school-wide presentations, individualized reports and age-specific review. What’s internalized becomes an impetus for lifelong learning. Our students become and remain curious self-directed learners. They take responsibility for their own education, and take to heart the responsibility for serving their community.

The Aspen Community School provides:
· A strong academic program combined with a focus on the physical and emotional well being of the child
· An integrated curriculum to teach children to become critical thinkers and make learning relevant to their lives
· Intimate class size with a small student: teacher ratio
· A K-8 student body maximum of 122 children
· Team-taught learning centers that combine two classes (e.g. 1st and 2nd grades) and two teachers. Students and teachers alike benefit from multi-age and multi-year classrooms
· Community Mentoring Programs featuring local artists and professionals who engage with students in unique project-based mentoring and in-service sessions
· Teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable in their academic fields as well as committed coaches, counselors and outdoor leaders
· Classrooms designed as warm, comfortable, safe and stimulating spaces for learning
· A true community environment where students are called upon to contribute to the success of the community

Students who graduate from ACS have the confidence and skills to solve a complex math problem, write a research paper, use visual arts to illustrate a science project, speak in public and collaborate on a project. Most importantly, our students understand that they are learners. They are capable of asking for and finding the information they need to succeed. To achieve this, we focus on:

Relevance – The integrated, experiential and project-based approach to learning makes students’ study relevant to their lives. When students investigate a topic through the lenses of art, music, reading, math, writing and scientific experimentation, they understand that learning is a discovery process that evolves using a compilation of reasoning skills, creativity and determination that spans all disciplines.

Relationships – Forming authentic learning relationships – particularly between a student and a passionate, skilled teacher or mentor – makes an indelible impression in a child’s life and is essential to growth. We enable this by recognizing our students are individuals, engaging them as community members, and keeping our class sizes small so these relationships can grow.

Excellence – Excellence is paramount. The culture of our school is to do our best by giving complete effort and attention to every experience. We celebrate achievement in countless areas of study and behavior including portfolio presentations, homework, social emotional skills, collaboration with peers, and mentoring younger students.

Community – We are a learning community; we learn together. Every week we meet as a school to celebrate achievement, view student work and solve problems relevant to the entire school. The essence of community is that together we are stronger than we are on our own.

Relocation Assistance from Susan Melville Warren, an Aspen Native

Susan Melville Warren
Susan Melville Warren
Managing Broker
Aspen Real Estate Company

Susan Melville Warren was born and raised in Aspen and has chosen to return and raise her daughter in this magical valley.

Growing up in The Mountain Chalet where her parents were the innkeepers, Susan shared a bedroom with six siblings just two blocks from the gondola in what is now the Mountain Chalet’s office.

She brings unique “locals only” knowledge to her clients—and helps them make informed real estate decisions in this unique and complex market. Susan can help with any type of property in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley—from a simple but cozy condo to a magnificent mountain retreat. She represents sellers and buyers.

Having grown up in one of Colorado’s top hospitality destinations, Susan provides a superior level of customer service and attention to detail.

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