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Lots of Great Options for Middle School Education in the Aspen Area

Middle school is widely known — or feared — as one of the most tumultuous and awkward periods of any student’s academic life. With adolescence as a backdrop, and the slow transition to adulthood occurring on an ongoing basis, students are presented to conflicts, choices, and scenarios that area as educational as they are frustrating and stressful. That said, the right middle school can help make this trying time a bit easier to experience. The best schools in Aspen can even make it an enjoyable time, full of good friends and great educational experiences that will be far more memorable than the more trying experiences of adolescence.

Picture of Basalt Middle School Robotics Team
Basalt Middle School Robotics Team | Image Courtesy of Aubree Dallas and The Aspen Times

Public Education in Aspen Remains a Strong Contender for Parents and Students

Across the country, many parents are considering private education as a viable way to live above the fray of tight budgets, state testing, and the headline-making bullying scenarios that commonly take up time on nightly newscasts. In Aspen, however, two very strong public middle schools are making the case for public education, helping to ease parents’ minds and restore their faith in America’s public education system.

Those two schools, Basalt Middle School and Aspen Middle School, are part of two separate school districts. Yet their drive for excellence and recognition are both equally strong, and equally rewarding. In fact, just this year, Aspen’s middle school was recognized as one of the strongest middle schools anywhere in the state. With proficiency scores on state tests that rank almost 20 points higher than middle schools statewide, Aspen Middle is a great option for local or relocating parents. Basalt, too, maintains a strong commitment to well-rounded education for the area’s adolescent students.

Picture of Basalt Middle School Robotics Team and Teacher
Basalt Middle School Robotics Team | Image Courtesy of Aubree Dallas and The Aspen Times

For Private Education, Aspen Schools Provide Great Student-Centric Teaching

Despite the strengths of the area’s two public middle schools, a strong desire remains for a private education that can afford the same student-centered approach — but with a little less state intervention, and test-centered teaching. That’s where schools like the Waldorf School of the Roaring Fork come in. During grades 1 through 8, the school focuses on a perfect balance of central lessons, the arts, and the sciences, creating students that are well-suited to preparatory high schools and, eventually, college learning environments.

For those who feel that an education must reflect their own values, the Aspen Christian Academy promotes both a strong education and a commitment to spiritual growth in its students. That’s the perfect way for Christian parents to ensure that their children are learning both about their own faith as well as about the arts and sciences each day. This balance is key to the strong education received by middle school students at Alpine.

Finally, since 1995, the Aspen Community School has operated as a COMPASS-affiliated charter school that has worked to combine the best ethos of both public and private education, making it a strong contender for parents who want to ensure their children receive the benefits that each style of teaching and learning has to offer.

Aspen Middle Schools

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